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My research in focus on Digital Arts, new artistic languages using Science and Technology.
How Art, Science and Technology could increase creativity to develop new ideas closer to our current societies.

In my artworks I investigate with social issues, particularly those related to political domination in our modern societies. To address these issues, I like to use satire to capture the viewers' attention and get a different perspective to an unjust reality. Through humor, observes are more objective and receptive, taking distance due to the fact we are highly influenced by social problems. On the other hand, I have worked on topics in a more personal level, where individuals’ behavior are presented as common patterns in all human beings which then, it is absurd to think of individualism: couple, perception, appearance, hierarchy are similar in many cultures.

Currently I'm really into issues related to the inclusion of art in science and vice versa, which is due to my dissertation I am working on. Lately, my interest is the technological dominance in society, especially the scientific development which is mostly phallocentric. Therefore, the figure of women in our technology world is still minor. The future is built from an androcentric vision, so I ask myself where this technoscientific development would go if women were more present in it.

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Paz Tornero (Murcia, Spain) graduated from Polytechnic University of Valencia with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She was Visiting Fellow at Harvard, Graduate School of Arts and sciences 2009-2010, as well as MIT, Media Lab. In addition, she holds a Master of Digital Arts from the Audiovisual Institute of Pompeu Fabra University and she is currently researching her dissertation at Complutense University of Madrid, PhD in Fine Arts. She furthered her studies at Southampton Institute in England, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, and gallery Engine 27 in New York City.
She has presented her video projections, installations and interactive works in multiple forums such as Centro Párraga Museum in Murcia, Cruce gallery in Madrid, Indiana University of Pennsylvania or galleries in the United States and Holland. Likewise, her audiovisual works have been shown in multiple festivals such as Zemos98 in Seville, ARTtv at the Malaga Film Festival, ATA in San Francisco, IDN and Loop in Barcelona. Art Fair Estampa in Madrid or on the TVE2 program Metrópolis and Manifesta8 Biennial. She has received several scholarships from Ministry of Education-New Technologies and Communication-International Projects, Párraga Museum in Murcia, Alter-Arte Public Art Festival, Krea Cultural Center, Wyss Institute at Harvard for Le Laboratorie in Paris and Manifesta8 Biennal.

2009 Video dance, technology and interdisciplinary creation and its application in scenic areas. CAMON: technological art center. ALICANTE. SPAIN.
2011 Cyberdance, Technoperformance and interative spaces. CAMON: technological art center. MURCIA. SPAIN.

2008 SummerLAB 2008. LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial. Gijón. ASTURIAS. SPAIN.
2011 Handcraft vs. Tecné. MediaLab Prado. MADRID.
2011 Feminist Agency and empowerment in Visual Arts Symposum. Thyssen-Bornemisza
Museum. MADRID.

2011 “Exploration, Experimentation and Research: the origin and role of the artist in
Industry.” Acento Magazine, nº13. MURCIA. SPAIN.
2011 “Techno-Heroins. Transhuman resistances. The example of Praba Pilar.” Feminist Agency
and empowerment in Visual Arts Symposum. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, MADRID.

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