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Born 1948 China..Moved to HK/Macao in 52. Migrating to Brazil -1962 (48 days of ocean voyage)
Baptized in Macao - Catholic education by way of the Jesuits and Salesians. Continued education with the Salesians till 1967, then college in the US - University of Wisconsin- Platteville. BS (1972) and MS (1975) Educational psychology, Counseling psychology , multicultural psychology and presently Cross Cultural psychology.
1977 - Present Self Employed - Global business with Brazil/China predominantly
Creator/inventor of the 3G System Gemmfile/Gemmforce/GemmCloud - a global cloud based search engine and content provider. To be followed by Hausfile.
Chinawest Global Consulting
Cross Cultural Center (Summer of 2012)
Adjunct professor : George Williams campus - Aurora University, Williams Bay, Wisconsin
Development of CD -- Communication Dynanmics.
New discovery of the new path of psychology , pensive psychology - the duo tracks of Intelligence and Wisdom, cognitive and affective domain .
Strongly influence by Carl Rogers and Paulo Freire.
Fluency in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and 80% Italian.

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