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I completed my Ph.D in the School of History, Antrhopology, Philosophy and Politics, at Queen’s University Belfast  in 2017. My research concerns the discursive construction of 'Northern Irish' identity and the political landscape of post-agreement consociational Northern Ireland. It is a inter-disciplinary approach considering the merits of political theory, and sociology. It adopts a mixed methods strategy involving an exploratory Quantitative (Thematic Analysis of media representations of this national identity’s narratives throughout a 45 year period) & Qualitative (Political Discourse Analysis of Elite figures) studies.

As the HASTAC Scholar for the Institute for Collaborative Research in the Humanities at Queen’s I am interested in striking a dialogue with fellow scholars on how we can adapt our work within the Arts and Humanities to best embrace the growing emphasis on Digital Humanities to share research in evermore exciting and engaging ways.

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