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A graduate student at Georgia State University. He is beginning work on his Master’s thesis about superflat and its ideologies applied to video games and anime. He is also an associate editor of the MediaCommons project In Media Res (, a site devoted to on-line scholarship.

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In addition to being a student, he's the co-founder of Monsters of Television (, a Web site devoted to reviewing television episodes as well as general commentary about the industry and television issues. He's also an editor and contributor for Sinescope (, an online journal of the arts sponsored through Georgia Perimeter College, where I write about television and media.
Clearly, based on the range of things he write about, he's something of a budding media scholar. As a result, his research interests include animation (specifically anime), television, video games, film, narrative, genre, media industries, and the circulation of culture.

Noel is all over the Internet, including Twitter (@noelrk) and

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