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I am a digital researcher with Engauge Digital. My thesis research looks at how corporations build cult-like followings through social media campaigns. I argue that human right's organizations can leverage similar marketing tactics to build social movements, expounding upon Alison Landsberg's argument in "Prosthetic Memory: The Transformation of American Remembrance in the Age of Mass Culture" (that mass media allows consumers to suture their identities to historical events) by applying her idea to social media. If human rights organizations employ new media with the same strategic intention as large corporations, human rights issues can become mainstream.

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Media Law in the Digital Age

Media Law in the Digital Age

October 22 2011
The Media Law in the Digital Age conference is a must attend for anyone who publishes online content or works in digital media . Whether you are blogger, social media strategist or a journalist, the rules in digital media law are constantly changing. The best way to protect your organization . . ...
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