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Nishant Shah is the Director-Research at CIS. He is a doctoral candidate at the Centre for Study of Culture and Society, Bangalore and a recipient of the Asia Scholarship Foundation's fellowship for comparative research at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China. He is also a Knowledge Partner, Hivos, Netherlands. Nishant is a regular columnist with the Sunday Eye, the national edition of Indian Express, Delhi, GQ India and DML Central.

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Key Publications
Digital AlterNatives with a Cause?
Digital Natives with a Cause? Thinkathon: Position Papers
Digital Natives with a Cause? A Report
Open Government Data Study
Peer-reviewed Essays
Of Jesters, Clowns and Pranksters: YouTube and the Condition of Collaborative Authorship, Journal of Moving Images, Number 8, December 2009
Material Cyborgs; Asserted Boundaries, European Journal of English Studies, Volume 12, Issue 2, 2008
Internet and Society in Asia: Challenges and Next Steps, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Volume 11, Number 1, March 2010
Between the Stirrup and the Ground: Relocating Digital Activism, Nishant Shah and Fieke Jansen, Democracy & Society, Volume 8, Issue 2, 23 August 2011
Archives and Access
Internet, Society and Space in Indian Cities
Porn: Law, Video & Technology
The Last Cultural Mile
Re:Wiring Bodies

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