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I currently teach advanced undergraduate courses in the digital media program, and graduate courses in the Master of Arts in Learning and Emerging Technologies (Advanced Design Seminar, Proposal Seminar, research supervision, and elective courses). My scholarship includes a strong focus on theory and epistemological foundations, with expertise in digital arts and technologies, new media, online teaching and learning, distance learning, learning design, large scale curriculum development, virtual worlds and immersive media environments. My recent publications are on digital media literacy, a theory of immersive fluency, and curriculum design for emergent digital media.

Theoretical research interests: power, taboo, transgression, virtual citizenry, autonomy and agency; and the balance of privacy, security and freedom in the 21st century. Applied Research: media and learning; 3D visualization and immersive learning; visual pedagogy; and visual cognitive neuroscience for the design of interactivity and multi-sensory works.

I am active in college governance and have held various leadership roles across the college. I was previously Director of Curriculum and Instructional Design. After 8 years in that role, I chose to return to a faculty position to focus on teaching, mentoring, research and creative work. I continue to be involved in online program development and review as well as related scholarly activities.

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