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nikki fragala
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Doctoral student in Texts + Technology at the University of Central Florida; participatory installation artist + visual poet;; @bynikkibarnes

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My research interests are working with archives and reclaiming data histories / restoring narratives that have been neglected from the dominant records. I'm also very interested in multi-channel accessibility and multi-lingual / works in translation.

I am in my 2nd semester of the Texts and Technology PhD at the University of Central Florida (Orlando), where I am concentrating on EPIC (Editing, Publishing, Interdisciplinary Curating) / Tech Comm and Public History. I am more and more drawn in to the advocacy and policy work that is embedded within the field of Tech Comm, and want to use this as a way to more deeply explore that perspective/application. My creative work is experimental and place-based, and I’d like to see how I can approach my scholarly practice with these lenses. 

I expect to engage with data/datasets in curious and thoughtful ways that both question and expand on what is possible for interacting with information in ways that increase freedom (co-liberation) through participatory community collaboration. 

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