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Hi! My name is Matt. I'm a PhD student and California Humanities Scholar. I'm excited to have been chosen by my university to join the HASTAC Scholars program, and look forward to participating in this project. I research much of what I blog about here - the political, social, and historical characters of social and biosciences, disease, medicine, bio-capital, techno-culture and population surveillance. Some of my research is either available at or linked to on my Berkeley Electronic Press page (which you can visit at: A little about my past: before moving to California I lived in Chicago, where I studied humanities, social sciences, and law at the other UC (University of Chicago). I also taught philosophy and writing at several local colleges (e.g. Lake Forest College), held a fiction writing residency, and led weekly creative writing workshops at 2 under-served public schools. Even earlier, in college, I studied epistemology and the philosophy of science, ancient history and a bunch of other stuff. Geographically, I grew up on the east coast, have spent several recent summers living and doing research in Europe and Africa, and hope to visit St Petersburg and Moscow very soon. I'm usually available through 1 form of electronic communication or another. HASTAC members and visitors shouldn't hesitate to comment on posts or message me directly. I'll look forward to hearing from you all!

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