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I am a graduate student at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, studying English with an emphasis in Media, Cinema, and Digital Studies. My research primarily involves critical theory, gender studies, affect theory, and digital culture.

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I am a graduate student working on my MA in English (Media, Cinema, and Digital Studies emphasis) at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I am also a graduate teaching assistant currently instructing UWM's English 101 class.

I grew up in Sparta, WI, and got my Bachelor's degree in English and Theatre Performance from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Following my graduation from college, I spent a year working as a journalist at the La Crosse Tribune. I subsequently decided to return to academia to pursue the many unanswered questions I still had (and have) about gender, the nature of virtual space and culture, and the intersections between them. I now am primarily working on research in the areas of gender/sexuality studies, digital and screen culture, affect theory, and mediation.

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