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Miriam is a doctoral candidate at Vanderbilt University studying Latin America and the Atlantic World with a focus on race, rebellion and revolution. Her dissertation titled "Black Auxiliary Forces in the Eighteenth Century Atlantic World" focuses on black militias from the Saint Domingue Rebellion and their entrance into Central America. Miriam has presented her work at several conferences including the American Historical Association in January 2012, the Harriet Tubman Summer Institute in August 2011, and the Consortium on Revolutionary Era in March 2011. She has conducted research at Archivo General de CentroAmerica in Guatemala, London's National Archives, Spain's archives in Simancas and Seville and the Newberry Library archives in Chicago. She has received the Newberrry Short Term Fellowship (2012), Vanderbilt's Summer Research Award (2012), Weaver Research Fellowship (2011), Harvard University’s Atlantic World Summer research grant (2010) and the Title VI Foreign Language Area Study Fellowship for Portuguese (2009). Miriam received her BA from David Lipscomb University in Comparative Literature, and her MA from St. John's College in Annapolis, MD. She is working with Dr. Jane Landers.

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