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I coordinate and teach in the Digital Humanities program at the University of California, Los Angeles. When I'm not teaching, helping to develop the program, or working with students, I'm writing a book on medical filmmaking; that is, the way doctors have used film to make sense of the human body. My Ph.D., from Yale University, is in Film Studies and American Studies.

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June 30 2016
CALL FOR PAPERS Feminist Media Histories: An International Journal Special Issue on “Data” Guest Editors: Miriam Posner (UCLA) and Lauren Klein (Georgia Tech) “Data” has enormous cultural currency in the world today. Most of us understand that corporations are encoding and analyzing our habits,...

Software Engineer, Sr.

Software Engineer, Sr. at Emory University Library Full-time position, minimum beginning salary: $4700/month; $56,400 annual Identifies, designs, develops, implements, and revises software applications to meet business needs. Supports software applications and associated operating systems. Programs...
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