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I am an associate professor of history at Rosemont College in Philadelphia where I direct the program in Women’s and Gender Studies.  After receiving my doctorate in women’s history from the University of California at Los Angeles, I pursued an alternative academic career for six years, first serving as the assistant director of the women’s leadership program at Mount St Mary’s College in Los Angeles, where I also taught women’s studies and history, and then as the Director of the Women’s Center at William Paterson University of New Jersey where I  held a joint appointment as an assistant professor of history.

I’ve published extensively about the feminist art movement in the United States.  My current project, The Politics of Women’s Culture, takes an intellectual history approach to the idea of women’s culture as it developed among activists, artists and academics in the 1970s.  I’m also engaged in the practice of Writing In Public. My CV can be found here.

I am an active blogger and tweeter about the intersections of feminism, history, and digital history.  At unconferences I can frequently be found spreading corpus analytics.

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