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He has taught at New York University, Duke University, The New School, and Ohio University. He is currently Associate Professor of Film at The City College of New York (CUNY). His teaching and research focuses on black visual and expressive culture, visual historiography, film theory, film adaptation, and genre theory. His publications include “Reckless Eyeballing: Coonskin, Film Blackness, and the Racial Grotesque,” “Dirty Pretty Things: The Racial Grotesque and Contemporary Art,” “Smiling Faces: Chameleon Street, Racial Performativity, and Film Blackness” in Passing Interest, and pieces on the film/video work of Kevin Jerome Everson. He is the author of Film Blackness: American Cinema and the Idea of Black Film (Duke University Press, 2016). His next book project is entitled Music of My Mind: Blackness and Sonic Visuality.

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