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My areas of interest, broadly speaking, include fields and concepts that range from psychoanalysis, phenomenology, histories of consciousness and neurosciences, and media studies, to the relationship between religion & technology in forging modern Western subjectivities. More particularly, I’m drawn to thinking about various conceptions of twenty-first century “cyborg” or posthuman psyches and the ways disembodied spaces shift and transform cultural notions of thought, contemplation, meditation, or awareness. My driving question is largely regarding how occupying the digital or virtual begins to complicate the boundaries between individual and collective, isolation and the social, or perhaps knowledge production as a form of care of the self, as in self-knowledge, and knowledge production as an exchanging of, and contribution to, connected group thinking through information made available online. Without reducing these phenomena to binaries, I'd like to consider both the schizoid and therapeutic dimensions generated by, and responding to, the symbolics and semiotics of self-expression in the realm of the digital.

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