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I am a PhD Candidate in English (rhetoric/composition) at Wane State University in Detroit, MI. At present I am working on my dissertation, which I plan to defend in May ‘12. My dissertation outlines a composition pedagogy based on spreadable media. More specifically, I combine the new media literacy skills outlined in Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture, with the Writing Program Administration Outcomes Statement for First-Year Composition, to establish a set of criterion that addresses both traditional and new media literacies. I then look at three forms of spreadable media to see how these forms embody the established criterion, and extrapolate a pedagogy of spreadable media to be used in a college composition course. As a rhetorician and compositionist, my research interests are in looking at how digital media impact our writing practices. I am also interested in how participatory culture and social networking tools are changing the way people interact, and how this interaction is influencing, and is influenced by, our use of language. I have presented conference papers on such topics as navigating hypertext, fan participation in online communities, and viral and spreadable media.

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