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Mark C. Marino researches, creates, and teaches writing with an emphasis on emerging media forms.

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Mark C. Marino is a writer and scholar of electronic literature living in Los Angeles.   His scholarly collaborations include 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10  and Reading Project: A Collaborative Analysis of William Poundstone's Project for Tachistoscope {Bottomless Pit}.  His creative works include “a show of hands” (, “Living Will,”  and "The Ballad of Workstudy Seth."  His recent work includes Mrs. Wobbles and the Tangerine House, a collection of interactive stories that he is writing with his children.  He is the Director of Communication of the Electronic Literature Organization.  He currently teaches writing at the University of Southern California where he directs the Humanities and Critical Code Studies Lab (, a collaboratory exploring the explication of computer source code. Mark has been on the Steering Committee of HASTAC since 2013. His portfolio can be found here (

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CFP ELO 2014 Hold the Light (12/6; 6/19-21/14)

CFP ELO 2014 Hold the Light (12/6; 6/19-21/14)

Call for Papers
CFP ELO 2014 Hold the Light (12/6; 6/19-21/14) The 2014 Electronic Literature Organization Conference will be held June 19-21, 2014 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with sessions on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In conjunction with the three-day conference, there will be a juried...
Milwaukee, WI
United States

Webinar: Teaching Writing as an Information Art

Please join us for a free webinar: Teaching Writing as an Information Art a webinar roundtable discussion Feb. 28, 9am PST/12pm EST 50 minutes Online or on campus (@ USC ACB 238) Twitter: #infoarts Featuring: Katherine D. Harris (San Jose State U), ELizabeth Losh (UC San Diego), Mark Marino (USC),...
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