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Mark C. Marino researches, creates, and teaches writing with an emphasis on emerging media forms.

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Mark C. Marino is a writer and scholar of electronic literature living in Los Angeles.   His scholarly collaborations include 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10  and Reading Project: A Collaborative Analysis of William Poundstone's Project for Tachistoscope {Bottomless Pit}.  His creative works include “a show of hands” (, “Living Will,”  and "The Ballad of Workstudy Seth."  His recent work includes Mrs. Wobbles and the Tangerine House, a collection of interactive stories that he is writing with his children.  He is the Director of Communication of the Electronic Literature Organization.  He currently teaches writing at the University of Southern California where he directs the Humanities and Critical Code Studies Lab (, a collaboratory exploring the explication of computer source code. Mark has been on the Steering Committee of HASTAC since 2013. His portfolio can be found here (

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The ad for Grumple, a netprov

Come Play Grumple, a netprov

March 31 2022 to April 30 2022
A Netprov: April 2022 Reddit Board: Grumple, the game: Premise: a netprov about how people construct meaning out of flimsy evidence . . . and then grumble about and gamble on it. Invitation Grumple, a netprov Grumple is...
Logo for Dwindle on Minus

Dwindle on Minus, a netprov

Dwindle October 25-Nov. 30 Platform: Short Description Imagine yourself in a near future where waning resources mean social media platforms are shutting down one by one. The last app – where all your friends are – has just made...
Grace, Wit, & Charm logo

Grace, Wit & Charm '21 netprov

April 10 2021 to April 29 2021
We invite you and your students to join us for our spring 2021 netprov: Grace, Wit, & Charm! Grace, Wit & Charm ‘21 is a netprov -- a real-time, role playing, creative writing game. It’s a behind-the-scenes workplace comedy about a company called Grace, Wit & Charm that offers three...
Critical Code Studies Book talk

Critical Code Studies Book talk

February 8 2021
On Monday, February 8 at 12pm PST, Mark Marino will give a talk about applying Critical Code Studies to the study of digital literature at San Diego State University, hosted by Jessica Pressman and Pam Lach of DHatSDSU. Join us for the discussion, which will also serve as a virtual book launch.
Moody Locales: a netprov

Moody Locales: a netprov

October 18 2020 to November 29 2020
Moody Locales An Emotional Travel Guide October 19-November 30, 2020 #moodylocales Invitation Join us in writing an emotional atlas of the globe. What’s the best place in your region to say, “Let’s Just Be Friends? What places seem to murmur, “You’re very...
Fantasy Spoils: After the Quest, a netprov

Fantasy Spoils: After the Quest, a netprov

April 5 2020 to April 29 2020
The Summons to Fantasy Spoils: April 2020 What: A new netprov set in Muddled Earth Where: Our platform: Discord , a favorite of gamers. When: Starting April 6 and running through April. (Or start when you’d like). Who: Ye (and yer students) and us! Hear ye...
Destination Wedding 2070 (netprov)

Destination Wedding 2070 (netprov)

November 2 2019 to November 10 2019
You have heard of data visualization. Sometimes that's not enough. So what if we try data dramatization: performing a scenario that brings the data to life? We are trying this in our new netprov! You are invited to attend Destination Wedding 2070, a netprov hat marries wedding disasters with the...
#fixurl8tionship, Netprov March 25-April 10

#fixurl8tionship, Netprov March 25-April 10

March 24 2019 to April 9 2019
#fixurl8tionship , a netprov Mar 25—Apr 10, 2019 Join a squad of Instagram influencers who “FIX” fans’ relationships by helping them look *GREAT* for the camera despite how they feel inside!! And seek advice from another fixurl8tionship influencer about your character’s failing relationship! Play a...
Man whispering rumour to a woman

Behind Your Bak (netprov)

November 2 2018 to November 17 2018
We invite you (and your students) to join our fall netprov: Behind Your Bak. Running through November 18. BEHIND YOUR BAK The Premise: Apps beg for our attention. Notifications whine, they tease, they bully. They inflame our social curiosity. In the netprov #BehindYourBak we pretend our fictional...
Conference Logo

ELO 2018 Exhibits and Performances in Montreal

August 11 2018 to August 17 2018
HASTAC members are invited to the Electronic Literature Organizations Conference in Montreal, and HASTAC, particularly the exhibits and performances, which are open to the public. With this year’s theme Attention à la marche / Mind the Gap, this bilingual event will focus on the unique dynamics of...
405 Sainte-Catherine Street East
Montreal, QC H2L 2C4
Critical Code Studies Working Group 2018

Critical Code Studies Working Group 2018

January 14 2018 to February 4 2018
Critical Code Studies Working Group 2018 Jan 15-Feb 5, 2018 Application Deadline (Jan 1) Announcing the 5th biennial Critical Code Studies Working Group , Jan 15-Feb 5, 2018 online. CCSWG is the major online think tank for Critical Code Studies, a hub of dialogue and collaborative inquiry that...
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