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Marissa Broe is a senior undergraduate student, currently studying at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell. She is enrolled in a double degree program, studying both Sound Recording Technology and Music Education. These courses of study reflect her varying interests in all avenues of music. Her current research interests lie at the overlap between technology and education, exploring technology both as an educational tool and means of musical expression in appropriate, applicable, and engaging ways in the music classroom. She has recently worked on a recording project with local middle school students in which the general music classroom was temporarily transformed into a studio. She is currently planning for the fall semester to work with local high school students in their Digital Audio class. Marissa is currently a member of MENC and has been involved in the UMass Lowell Youth Composition Festival, where students grades K-12 are encouraged to submit compositions. In the professional realm, Marissa is especially interested in new applications of technology and how the audio industry has impacted the way that business is conducted. Marissa is currently Treasurer of the UMass Lowell Chapter of the Audio Engineering Society. She has worked in both the studio as part of her course of study, and additionally in live sound situations such as sound for the UMass Lowell Jazz Rock Big Band at hockey games. Outside of her academic work, Marissa is an avid flute player and enjoys participating in ensembles with other musicians.

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