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I'm an assistant professor, change manager, digital content creator, crochet/knitting designer, and consultant. The common threads across my varied work and business experiences are my passion for teaching, my creative approach to problem-solving, my love of writing, and my enthusiasm for community building.

I worked as a health educator after graduating from Barnard College. I earned my MPH from Columbia University, but soon realized I wanted a larger role in managing programs. I returned to graduate school at New York University, concentrating in Leadership & Change Management and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. These excited me because my own experience was intrapreneurial - I've launched or expanded programs through every job I held since college.

After earning my MBA, I kept working as a non-profit manager while starting a part-time business. At Underground Crafter, I teach crochet and knitting, design patterns, and engage my fans online. In 2012, I seized two chance opportunities to consult to other businesses in the industry, helping them to expand and engage their online communities.

I also co-founded New York City's first Early College and Career and Technical Education high school in 2009 and raised nearly $1 million in funding. After managing the start up at NYC College of Technology for 4 years, I ventured out as a solopreneur. I secured accreditation for distance learning programs for my first client, Paul Quinn College.

I co-host and produce USACollegeChat, a weekly podcast for parents of high school students about the world of college.

I'm currently an assistant professor at St. Francis College.

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