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Marko Teodorski’s research explores different symbolic relations that humans and objects can maintain. It is based on the contemporary theories of material culture. His primary fields of study are archaeology and anthropology in which he received MA degree (University of Belgrade, Serbia), by doing the research on the heroization and the funerary politics of space in Dark Age Greece. He has published a number of articles on sociological, archaeological and anthropological subjects. Post-structural critique in archaeology nourishes his thinking and he applies it on the ‘disturbing’ state of objects in 19th and 20th century European cultures, as on the vast universe of contemporary monstrosities.

Recent Content

Sound Art

March 17 2012 to January 6 2013
The exhibition "Sound Art. Sound as a Medium of Art" presents for the first time the development of sound art in the 21th century at the ZKM | Media Museum and in a public space. From Futurism to Fluxus, through to Twitter sonifications, the ZKM charts the history of Sound Art during the 20th...

The name is Burroughs - expanded media

March 24 2012 to August 12 2012
After the exhibition Ports of Entry: William S. Burroughs and the Arts at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA, 1996), and following up on the exhibition curated by José Ferez entitled Burroughs Live presented at the Royal Academy London (2008), the ZKM | Center of Art and Media Karlsruhe...

Latin Eros - A Skein of Interzonal Skins

September 13 2012 to September 15 2012
Latinness, whatever its numerous metamorphoses over the centuries, is still vibrant today. But what does the term cover and what cultural place and functions does it have in a globalized world? Sometimes associated with the Roman Empire's hegemony, sometimes neutralized and recycled by reactionary...
Island of Procida
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