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A sixth-year Ph.D. candidate in American Studies, holding a bachelor’s degree from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, and a master’s degree from Saint Louis University. Engstler's bachelor’s thesis examined the impact of the German community on St. Louis society. Her master’s thesis, titled “Creating Germanness: German Civilian Internment during WWII at Crystal City, Texas,” focused on the creation of a unified German culture during times of internment. Currently, she is working on her dissertation titled “Translating a Revolution: Black and White Panthers and the German Student Movement,” examining the adaption, appropriation, and exchange of ideas and ideology among these groups. Engstler's other research interests include transnational studies, civil rights, and Black Power, as well as modern European history. With other graduate students from the American Studies department, she has co-founded the Graduate Public Humanities Working Group, which is open to all grad students in the humanities and social sciences at Saint Louis University.

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