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Luke Ware graduated with a Masters of Arts in Cultural Studies from the University of Washington Bothell and currently works at Seattle University in copyright permissions and media access. He is interested in the relationship between technology and learning with a particular emphasis on digital literacy.

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Luke Ware hold's a B.A. in Communication from Western Washington University and an M.A. in Cultural Studies from the University of Washington Bothell. During his undergraduate work, Luke served as National Student Leader for the Carnegie Foundation where he studied and published in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. As part of his research, Luke helped create a campus-wide online community forum to be used as a tool for fostering campus community and for bringing disciplines closer together. Now in operation for several years, the forum has hundreds of active users and over 40,000 posts.

In his graduate work, Luke focused on how emerging technologies shape and alter knowledge production in and outside of the university. In his work with HASTAC, Luke is particularly interested to look at the benefits and dangers of digital anonymity brought to the learning processes by new technology and communicative practices. Luke, an avid tech enthusiast, is currently focusing on how technology and digital anonymity has impacted power relationships within the process of knowledge production.

Luke Ware is also an award winning independent Documentary Film producer who recently won the 2014 Best Documentary Short at the Seattle International Film Festival for "Maikaru" directed by Amanda Harryman. The short is is about Seattle native Maikaru, the product of sex trafficking who overcame a childhood of drugs and violence.

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