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<p>I am a 31-year-old physically handicap graduate student at University of North Texas. I am currently working on two masters; MS in Library and Information Science, with a focus in Archive and Imaging Technology, and an MA in History, with a focus in Early Roman Empire/Second Temple/Early Christianity. I am also working on two graduate certificates; Digital Curation and Archives Management. I work at the UNT's Library in the Digital Humanities Unit, and in what spare time I have I and my service dog do presentations, and also assist others in training their service dogs.</p>

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My interests tend to be rather far afield of each other. I have a great interest in History--Ancient to end of the Tudor Era, with a focus in religion and spirituality. I am also greatly interested in Library and Information Science-- both the preservation and conservation of older materials, but also the amazing trends in modern digital resources. How these are (and still have a ways to go) accessible to those with a variety of handicaps/disabilities. My other loves are medicine, holistic wellness in the handicap, and absolutely advocating for the handicap. In conjunction with this I present occassionally on my own experiece as a handicap individual with a service dog. I assist other handicap people to train their service dogs. I have a horse, and hope that I can add hippotherapy training to my list of abilities and services in the future.  

My current research is focused on accessibilty in digital sources and materials. 

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