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Lino Mioni is a PhD candidate in Italian Studies at Indiana University. His dissertation investigates the initial steps of the establishment of recipe collections, cookbooks, as a genre, between the manuscript tradition and the introduction of print. Building from the anonymous recipe collections from the Italian peninsula of the XIII and XIV centuries, it takes into consideration how Maestro Martino’s manuscript Libro de Arte Coquinaria – composed in the second half of the XV century – is to be considered the pivotal text that will lead to the monumental treatises of the XVI century, Messisbugo’s Banchetti (1549) and Bartolomeo Scappi’s Opera (1570).
To do that, he analyzes cookbooks historically taking into consideration both for their content as well as their medium. To achieve a better fine-grained detail in understanding of culinary and gustatory practices, he performs lexical and network analysis of procedures, tools, measurements, and ingredients used in cookbooks and recipe collections.

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Born in Italy, Lino studied, worked, and lived in Italy, Portugal, and the United States. He has received two B.A.s from the University of Coimbra; an M.A. in Linguistics from the New University of Lisbon; an M.A. in Italian from The Ohio State University; and a Post-Graduate Diplome in Information and Library Management from Northumbria University. He taught at the University of Coimbra, at The Ohio University, at the University of Georgia, and since 2014 at Indiana University where he is pursuing his PhD in Italian Studies. Besides his interest in food history, he is a passionate gardener. 

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