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Tom Lindsley is a PhD student in Rhetoric and Professional Communication at Iowa State University. Having recently completed his M.A. in Rhetoric and Composition at Iowa State, Mr. Lindsley has continually been interested in the intersections between place-conscious education on college campuses, civic action, and composition pedagogy. His thesis, "Place-Based Social Action in the Multimodal Composition Classroom" was presented at the 2010 Battleground States Cultural Studies Conference in Bowling Green, OH.

Also in the spring of 2010, Mr. Lindsley completed research on the visual rhetoric of college and university sustainability office websites. Interested in how environmental communication shapes the way we talk about, write about, and shape our environment, Mr. Lindsley focused on how campus sustainability programs effectively engage their student stakeholders through web-based communication. The study put forth recommendations for effective environmental web-design and was presented as a poster at the 2010 Sustainability Symposium at Iowa State University.

Extending research to practice, Mr. Lindsley created a sustainability themed online research guide for the Parks Library at Iowa State. The searchable database is an evolving collection of sustainability-related topics useful for students and community members interested in fulfilling the mission of Iowa State's Live Green Initiative.

Mr. Lindsley has always seen his research in Rhetoric and Composition as a site for making this world a more democratic and healthy place to live. He looks forward to dialoging with the HASTAC community on the questions of how technology, pedagogy, and writing can accomplish this daunting task.

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