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Lawrence Wang works in philosophy of natural and social sciences, philology and critical theories. His other devotion is classical ballet.

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Lawrence Wang is associated with the University of Essex in Ideology and Discourse Analysis. He previously studied at Harvard University in Chemistry, Physics and Literature, working particularly on Joyce, Pound and intermediality; at Harvard Art Museums he also collaborated in a digital curation project. His research interests include the Long 18th century, Critical Theory, theory of translation, as well as phenomenology and mysticism. Currently, his focus lies in investigating the notion of blasphemy in the secular setting, drawing from a variety of sources as the ‘heretical’ writings of Meister Eckhart, Martin Heidegger, and the realm of the clinic as it pertains to Lacanian psychoanalysis. Recent projects have also ranged from American and Japanese avant-garde and counterculture, automatic writing and WB Yeats, as well as the intersection of Enlightenment science and the work of David Foster Wallace.

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