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Until beginning this year's studies at Harvard Graduate School of Ed, Leslie ran KQED’s Center for Digital Media in San Francisco, working in the fields Education and Community Outreach. Her program was one of the first and only to provide community-created digital stories for broadcast on a PBS station. Recent educational and community-based new media projects emphasize
integrating digital storytelling with mobile devices and location-aware technologies for engagement and impact. Community-based projects include local, national, and international gps-enabled soundscapes. Most recently she was part of a team that produced, "City Centered: A Festival of Locative Media and Urban Community" http://citycentered.org/ in San Francisco's Tenderloin.

While at Harvard, her study focuses on education policy and place-based teaching and learning using location-aware mobile devices. Her studies will include researching potential real-world, place-based uses of EcoMUVE http://www.ecomuve.org.

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