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My name is lee williams boudakian, and I work as an interdisciplinary artist, media maker, writer, performer, producer, director, community organizer, facilitator and consultant. My practice emerges from my experiences as a queer, trans, mixed race settler born into an immigrant family. My work is critical and necessarily intersectional. I work across the disciplines of film & video, theatre & performance, visual arts, digital media and literature. I have trained in these disciplines at University of Toronto (Hons BA, major Visual Studies and English Literature), Canadian Film Centre (Interactive Art and Entertainment Program), Oxford University (Intensive, Creative Writing), The London International School for the Performing Arts (Intensive, Physical Theatre), The Writer’s Studio at SFU, Institute for Social Artists, ReAct (Film and Screenwriting), and more. Along with my collaborators, in 2015, we created Kalik Arts and ShapeShift Arts to house our projects. I am now working towards an MFA in the Department of Cinema and Media Arts at York University School of Art, Media, Performance and Design.

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