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I am currently a PhD student in the Educational Technology program at Concordia University, where I study communities, technology, policies, and the way they interact with one another. Specifically, my doctoral research explores the creation of more effective and inclusive solutions for consent education using ICTs. More generally, I am interested in the complex relationship between technology and underrepresented communities - exploring both how they can uplift and support communities in grassroots ways, but also how they can be mis-created and misused to further oppress certain populations.

In addition to my doctoral work, I am a member of The Milieux Institute's Participatory Media Cluster, a teaching assistant and research assistant to my supervisor, Dr. Giuliana Cucinelli, and a co-organizer of grassroots consent organization, Bad Subject (www.badsubject.ca).

I also hold a Master of Information and an Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Specialist), both from the University of Toronto.

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