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Instructional Designer by day, doc student by night, and part-time instructor squeezed in there as well.

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I'm Lance Eaton,  a writer, educator, instructional designer and social media consultant in Watertown, Massachusetts.  This website serves as my professional online presence and highlights my past, current and future writings, activities, and projects. I have earned degrees in History, Criminal Justice, American Studies, Public Administration, and Instructional Design.  I'm currently working on my PhD in Higher Education at University of Massachusetts, Boston.  My writing has been published in local newspapers, trade magazines, academic journals, books, and encyclopedias.  I have been an active producer of content on the internet for over 15 years including my blog, a YouTube channel, and various other contributions as far back as Geocities (for those that remember that site!).  I have substantial experience working with youth, nonprofit organizations, higher education, and online organizations. 

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