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As UF's Digital Scholarship Librarian, my work focuses on socio-technical (people, policies, technologies, communities) needs for scholarly cyberinfrastructure. I work heavily with the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) where I am the Digital Scholarship Director, Digital Humanities Working Group where I am a member of the Board for the DH Graduate Certificate, LibraryPress @ UF where I am the Editor-in-Chief, and Research Computing to enable an environment of radical collaboration.

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Laurie N. Taylor,  PhD, is the Digital Scholarship Librarian at the University of Florida. Her job duties focus on leading development for socio-technical (e.g., people, policies, technologies, communities) aspects of scholarly cyberinfrastructure to support a culture of transformative collaboration for digital and public scholarship, or scholarship that produces broadly accessible research results. She provides expert information services for digital scholarship, and designs and teaches for-credit classes on the Digital Humanities, including serving as a member of the Board for the Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate. In addition to teaching and consultative services, she builds and leverages infrastructure to create and sustain successful collaborative scholarly projects and initiatives, further integrate the Libraries with research and teaching on campus, expand scholarly communications in service of public scholarship, and enhance broader impacts from scholarly work. In this dynamic and proactive role, she works in collaboration within, across, and among many groups and networks (librarians and other faculty, technologists, academic communities, UF Research Computing, partner institutions, etc.) to build and support a campus-wide culture of transformative collaboration that values and supports diversity and inclusivity. She leads digital scholarship initiatives, including projects with the UF Digital Collections (UFDC), Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC,, and digital collections and scholarship projects hosted at UF. She leads initiatives to support digital scholarly publishing, including liaising with the University Press of Florida and the University of Florida Press on the LibraryPress @ UF, for which she is the Editor-in-Chief. She teaches, conducts workshops, creates documentation, performs outreach, and conducts evaluation and assessment related to digital scholarship, in addition to performing scholarly research on digital scholarship in support of transformative collaboration. Other professional responsibilities include leading and/or contributing to departmental, library, and university projects/groups.

She has been the principal investigator, co-PI, and investigator on many grants (full list in CV), including co-principal investigator on the ARL PD Bank, a digital scholarship project to centrally collect academic library job position descriptions to support transformational changes in academia in the digital age. Prior to joining the UF Libraries in 2007, she taught undergraduate Digital Humanities courses and graduate writing courses, as well as workshops on digital technologies.  Her current research explores methods, practices, formal and informal structures, and other socio-technical supports for collaborative scholarly and library practices with digital scholarship and data curation.  She has published refereed articles on data curation, digital scholarship, collaborative international digital libraries,  library and information science, digital media, open access, and literature; and she co-edited a collection on digital representations of history and memory, Playing the Past: Video Games, History, and Memory.

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