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I experienced two chronically invisible illnesses as a child which caused me to end my high school education. After earning my GED and completing my first 30 collegiate credit hours, I transferred to Texas State University: setting me on my path to graduating Summa Cum Laude and earning my B.A. from the Communication Studies department.

My experiences managing my health conditions have resulted in increased dedication to and focus on my academic studies. Specifically, I am interested in studying the unique dyadic processes within the context of health communication. My goal in obtaining a graduate education is to explore these processes further and utilize my passion for communication in ways which benefit others living with invisible illnesses.

My undergraduate coursework and thesis unearthed my passion for researching and teaching communication. I plan to earn my Ph.D. and continue studying the fascinating aspects of human connection. Starting this Fall, I will enter the Communication Studies M.A. program at Texas State. After completing my M.A., I plan to earn my Ph.D. so that I may become a professor and continue to share my passion and excitement for the communication discipline with others.

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