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As a doctoral student at the College of Media, Communication and Information's Intermedia Art, Writing and Performance (IAWP) program, I research in the intersections of art, science, and technology. My recent work focuses on exploring consumer-grade electronic devices and speculative futures in attempts to imagine what will be in every household in 100 years. As an artist working with video, performance and new media to explore these topics on how technology inform the way we live, think, and interact with each other, I strive to bring an alternative perspective and help propel conversation on how we view acceleration and innovation.

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Laura Hyunjhee Kim is an interdisciplinary artist who renders familiar physical experiences into fabricated (non)existent spaces that reimagine digital culture and virtual living. Playfully engaging with the Do-It-Yourself amateur aesthetics of the Internet, she utilizes consumer electronics in production and draws inspiration from viral memes, lo-fi pop music, narrative found-footage film, and kitschy low-budget commercials. In recent projects, she explores emerging trends and patterns in ubiquitous consumer-grade technology to capture the underlying dreams and desires that continue to influence human life and existence.

Kim has shown work in numerous on/offline exhibition spaces, screenings, and festivals around the world including the Internet Archive, Minnesota Street Project, Ever Gold Projects,  San Jose ICA, California Academy of Sciences, Kadist Art Foundation, CAAMFest, Portland State University, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Aurora Picture Show, Adirondacks Lake Center For The Arts, Bronx Art Space, Newark Museum, Spring / Break Art Show, New York Anthology Film Archives, Institute of Contemporary Arts - London, Annual Dresden Artists' Exposition in Germany, The Berlin International Directors Lounge, Mutuo - Centro de Arte, Magmart International Videoart Festival, São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound, Costa Rica Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, quARTel - Galeria Municipal de Arte, Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas, Fei Contemporary Art Center-Shanghai, Asian Experimental Video Festival in Hong Kong, “#nfcdab Wrocław” Digital Art Biennial, Super Art Modern Museum (SPAMM), The Wrong-New Digital Art Biennale.

Kim was the recipient of the inaugural ArtSlant Award in New Media and Sally Owen Marshall Best in Show Award. She was an artist in residence at the Internet Archive, Korea National University of the Arts, Black & White Projects and Queens Nails Projects. Her work has appeared in ArtSlant, Hyperallergic, KQED, Daily Serving, San Francisco Chronicle, New Hive, Mutual Art, The Creators Project, The One, and the Living Room Light Exchange. She enjoys sharing her work IRL and had the opportunity to present at the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, and to students at the San Francisco Art Institute, Stanford University, and University of California, Berkeley.

She received her B.S. in Art from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and M.F.A. from the New Genres Department at the San Francisco Art Institute. She is a Ph.D. student in Intermedia Art, Writing and Performance (IAWP) at the University of Colorado Boulder's College of Media, Communication and Information. Kim resides in the U.S. and frequents South Korea.

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