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I am an academic technologist and a web developer. I love creating technology that can improve people's lives - from automating tedious processes, to building platforms to connect people, to delivering meaningful insights from under-utilized data.

I earned my PhD at the University of Minnesota, where I studied how software and data-driven decision-making impact marginalized people from a critical perspective. Specifically, I closely examined social justice implications of big data surveillance and software design in healthcare, financial industries, and law as they relate to gender and race.

During this time, I was deeply involved with educational technology: helping faculty to integrate digital technology into their research and teaching, and training students to produce digital media projects. I've tackled big problems in this work, like figuring out how to archive hundreds of student-made video projects while protecting their privacy, or how to best highlight research insights from qualitative studies in narrative digital maps.

I'm passionate about fostering critical data literacy while also helping people to build tools, platforms, and portfolios to showcase their ideas and forge connections.

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