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A recent graduate from the Comparative Media Studies program at the MIT, Lan holds a Masters of Science in Media Studies (2009) and a Masters of Public Health from Boston University (2007), specializing in Health Policy & Research. While at MIT, she worked for The Education Arcade designing pedagogically-rigorous learning games in math and science, an extension of her work in public health policy concerning media interventions on childhood obesity. Lan's research interests have included East Asian diasporic media communities online (Asian TV dramas) and learning video games. At present, Lan's projects examine paratextual forms of historical "writing" -- such as geotagging/graffiti and paleontology -- and (re)production and surveillance in technologies of representation, such as the scanner. Lan's latest project concerns the concept of "autogeography" and the intersection of new digital cartographies and writing the diasporic self. Lan is currently working to complete her doctoral degree at UCSB's Film & Media Studies department as a Chancellor's Fellow.

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