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Kyle McKinley is a second year MFA candidate in the Digital Arts and New Media program at UC Santa Cruz. His interests include non-profit community bicycle shops, appropriate technologies, eating, ontoepistemology, locative media, the yellow billed cuckoo bird and the history of counter cultures.

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Kyle McKinley is a student in the Digital Arts and New Media MFA Program at UC Santa Cruz. His twin backgrounds in sculpture and literary theory have been radically informed in recent years by his involvement with bicycle education non-profit organizations and “free-school” community education projects. These seemingly divergent interests coalesce in Kyle's work around questions of appropriate technologies and the politics of space and place.
Kyle's research in digital arts employs “locative media” strategies to start conversations about the role of philosophy, of architecture, of the bicycle, and of technologies in the lives of individual viewer/participants. Recent collaborations with Miki Foster have employed the emergent genre of guided video walking tours in efforts to create non-standard, non-monolithic narrations of architectural spaces. Similarly, Kyle's MFA thesis work Bicilogues will consist of a collection of interviews on diverse topics, all of which are filmed while riding bicycles. These interviews will be presented as an interactive video installation in which viewer/participants pedal stationary bicycles in order to make the interview-videos play back intelligibly.

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