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The great philosopher Effendi once said, “Every obstacle is a stepping stone to progress.” As a result, I am a very tenacious individual in regards to my education, involvement with athletics, and community uplift. My insatiable passion for that which my peers regard as “intimidating” inspires me to strive for the absolute pinnacle of success. As a senior Applied Mathematics major at North Carolina Central University I have been afforded many opportunities to work on an extensive range of research projects that allow me to have a firsthand look at the changes and advancements to technology. For Instance, as a researcher at The Ohio State University the past two summers I worked on quality checking the process of waveform re-tracking in satellite altimeters, which directly affects our ability to monitor global warming. I have engaged in many talks and presentations about my research with hopes to be an outlet for this important information. I believe, as a technically savvy scholar, I will be able to enrich the opportunities that this digital era offers. It is through HASTAC that I will be able to reach my fullest potential academically as well as help others become aware of my research formally and informally through networking that extends far beyond the domestic boundaries that lay before me.

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