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Kristen Corless is a second year MA student at Northeastern University where she is currently studying English Literature with a focus on disability studies. She works with the Northeastern Women Writer's Project as an encoder, and is the website manager for the Henry Thoreau Journal Drawings Archive.

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Kristen Corless is a second-year Master's student at Northeastern University, where she is currently working toward her MA in English Literature after graduating from Muhlenberg College with highest honors in English. There, her research was heavily centered on women's poetry, which continues to play a large part in her academic journey to this day. At Northeastern, she has also discovered a passion for digital scholarship, working with the Women Writer's Project as an encoder and as the Site Manager for the Henry David Thoreau Journal Drawings Archive. Both of these digital projects have been wonderful learning experiences for her, and she hopes to take the skills that she has been lucky enough to learn and use them for future HASTAC projects. 

At the moment, she is particularly interested in how technology can be used for accessibility in pedagogy, especially for neurodivergent individuals like herself. She hopes to help push for different forms of learning and teaching, so that all students can feel welcome and cared for in the classroom. 

Aside from her academic ventures, Kristen adores writing. She loves crafting narratives of her own, and chatting with her friends about writing ventures. She's even had the privilege of having a few of her poems published in literary magazines, which is by far one of her favorite achievements. She hopes that, one day, she'll be able to write professionally.

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