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Kwadwo Oppong- Wadie was born in the beautiful coastal city of Tema in Ghana, West Africa, which also happens to be one of Ghana’s foremost port cities, built on the Greenwich meridian, and as such is subject to a myriad of influences from around the world. Kwadwo attended the Tema Parents’ Association School, and later the Presbyterian Boys’ High and Okuapemman High Schools. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Geopgraphy and Resource Development from the University of Ghana. Kwadwo migrated to the United States afterwards and pursued a Master’s degree in Entertainment Management and another Master’s degree in Education, with a specialization in Teaching. Kwadwo has worked in several school districts in the Chicagoland area.He is pursuing a PhD at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He lives with his wife, Dr. Asantewaa Oppong Wadie and their four children in the village of Park Forest.

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