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I currently work on humanities initiatives in the School of Humanities and Sciences, Office of the Dean at Stanford University.

2013 PhD in Early Modern European History at Stanford. My dissertation research demonstrates how highway construction served as an incubator for the concurrent professionalization of provincial administrators, public works engineers, and village officials in eighteenth-century France.

DH interests include digital mapping, databases, and using radio/podcasts as a way to collaborate and teach in the Humanities. I convened the Stanford History Archival Workshop in 2012.

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THATcamp Altac

THATcamp Altac

October 5 2013 to October 6 2013
Register for an altac-themed THATcamp! Are you interested in learning more about the altac community? Join Bay area PhD students, recent grads, altac professionals, and others at the first ever altac THATcamp on October 5-6, 2013 at UC Berkeley. http://altac2013.thatcamp.org/
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Humanities on the Radio

What's this wiki?

This is a first stab at compiling a list of humanities-related radio/podcast productions. I am setting up thematic categories, but these are suggestions rather than concrete divisions. Contributions are welcome! Leave your name, etc. in the comments if you contribute so I can keep track.


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