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Greggory was born in Harrisonburg, Virginia, during the Reagan administration. Because of this, he–and his two brothers–consider themselves “Southern by the grace of God”, though born of Ohio natives with antebellum heritage in that state. His branch of the Gassman family moved back north to reunite with the rest of the clan shortly after his fifth birthday, and ever since that time his permanent address has been in Newark, Ohio (albeit with several lengthy stays both out-of-state and out-of-country). Sometime during high school, Greggory added “Joseph” to his name, “Greggory Michael Gassman” apparently not being of sufficient length.

Continuing the geographic theme, over the past decade, in addition to a summer spent teaching English in Europe, Greggory has taken formal classes in Ohio, Ontario, Virginia, and Alabama (in that order). Some of these classes went towards a high school diploma, some towards a B.A. in Philosophy, some towards a Certificate of Christian Humanities, and some towards a Masters of Library and Information Science

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