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I am a PhD Candidate in the Department of History at the University of Oregon. I study Colonial Latin American Education History, specifically spiritual and vocational education among Nahua and Otomi communities in Central Mexico. I will graduate with a certification in Museum Studies, as well, with an emphasis in museum game design, digital archiving, and digital public history. Recently, I was the Gertrude Bass Warner Collections Historian (2016-2017) for the UO Libraries and Oregon Digital, and this year I am a Julie and Rocky Dixon Innovation awardee as a Collections Historian with Wired Humanities Projects and the Museum of Natural and Cultural History, for which I will produce digital scholarship and museum materials for two rare Mesoamerican documents housed at the UO. After graduation, I will seek a digital humanities postdoctoral position or internship with a museum where I can continue to advocate for the public's active engagement with the past.

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