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Krystin Gollihue is a PhD student in the Communication, Rhetoric, & Digital Media program at NC State. Her research stands at the intersection of gender, labor, and the digital, investigating the ways that women work and interact with the digital in academic, public, and online spaces. She holds an MFA in Poetry from the University of Alabama where she constructed a digital network of poems that explored the permeable boundary between female body and digital object.

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Krystin Gollihue is a PhD student in the Communication, Rhetoric & Digital Media program at NC State University. She holds an MFA in Poetry from the University of Alabama. Her research investigates and complicates Matt Ratto's conceptualization of critical making as situated in a predominantly masculinist history of labor and the digital. Instead, the ways in which maker cultures are structured are more similar to the communities of crafters, mothers, and care-takers that female labor has traditionally been relegated to. Her research aims to highlight those communities that are complicating what it means to be a laborer, specifically in digital and online spaces. For example, she is currently developing a program to 3D print the emotional labor associated with being a female scholar and teacher. This project will give what Jane Bennett terms "thing-power" to the work that women are often saddled with in academic departments - work that more than not does not count for professional development. She is also conducting analyses of female farmers' visual representations of identity in online spaces under the hashtag #FarmHer. These visual objects toe the line between woman-as-caretaker and farmer-as-laborer. In the #FarmHer photographs, women cast themselves, not as either/or, but as yes/and, both mother and farmer, both emotional being and hard manual laborer. Krystin's dissertation aims to look at what runs through these various narratives of female labor and to lay the groundwork for a feminist critical making that accounts for the historical and deeply multimodal ways women have created communities of "work", literacy, and communication.

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