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Kenneth Wee is a third-year undergraduate student at Grinnell College interested in new media, the Internet, cultural studies, and critical theory.

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Kenneth Wee is a junior at Grinnell College with an independent major in "Media and Cultural Studies," and currently studies under the ACM Newberry Seminar (Fall 2014) at the Newberry Library in Chicago. Kenneth participated in the 15th Annual SFSU Cinema Conference at San Francisco State University, in which he explored the medium specificity of digital street projection in a presentation titled "Framing the Frameless: An Architecture of Screens." He recently completed a summer research project, under the mentorship of Professor Karla Erickson of Grinnell College, that considered how a post-work vision of education resolves the American liberal arts college's identity crisis in late-stage capitalism. Kenneth is interested in applying the theoretical frameworks of cultural studies and continental philosophy to contemporary systems of representation, with an eye toward creating progressive and utopian social structures. He is curious about how new mediums of communication change our relationship to information, individual/group identity, and collective behavior, with particular interests in the Internet, trans-humanism, print media, and visual technology.

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