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Kelsey is a graduate student at Georgetown University's Communication, Culture & Technology (CCT) Master of Arts program. specializing in documentary filmmaking. She is currently a TA for the Film and Media studies course, Documentary (AMST 205).

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Kelsey is a Communication, Culture, and Technology (CCT) Media Fellow and graduate associate at CNDLS. Here she assists the Georgetown Commons team improve the content and "back-end" functionality of wikis, blogs, and ePortfolios. Her tasks include redesigning the function of new media practices in higher education (e.g. ePortfolio development, the purpose of social media in the classroom), and editing audio visual productions (e.g. digital storytelling project). As a M.A. candidate in Georgetown University's Communication, Culture, and Technology (CCT) program specializing in documentary filmmaking. Using both archival and ethnographic research methods, from the social science doctrine of Grounded theory, she is producing a documentary thesis about how female LGBTQ leaders foster and sustain communities of mentorship in a transient and high profile city, D.C. By having leaders and members of the DC LGBT community, from both past and present, reflect and (re)tell their stories about creating a support group, social function, or business, they will not only better understand their place, both physically and culturally in the community, but the challenges and successes they have faced in the process.

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CFP: ANZCA 2012 Adelaide: Communicating Change and Changing Communication in the 21st Century.

March 16 2012
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Enhancing Learning & Scholarship with Mapping Technologies

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