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I’m a doctoral student of American literature at Cornell University. I completed my BA (Hons) in English and philosophy at the University of Toronto, followed by my MA in English at the University of Manitoba. I’ve written on African American folklore, the Black Diaspora in Canada, queer theory, and collaborative scholarship in the humanities. I am author of “From Escape to Ascension: The Effects of Aviation Technology on the Flying African Myth” and co-author of “Riding Renga: Low Theory and Collective Critical Dissatisfaction.” My co-authored chapter “Coming Out, Camping Out: Transparent’s Eco-ethical Approach to Gender” is forthcoming in the anthology Transecology: Transgender Perspectives on the Environment. My research interests largely pertain to issues of captivity and exclusion, from African American oral culture and slave narratives, to the chronopolitics of contemporary prison memoirs, to theories of gender and sexuality.

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