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Hello! My name is Katie (she/her), and I am currently a Master of Arts student and teaching assistant at the University of Texas at Dallas's Arts & Technology department, concentrating on Emerging Media Studies. Here, I am working towards my dream of turning my passion for social justice, techno/net culture, critical theory, and visual arts and media into an academic career. I am a true American millennial "child of the internet," and online communities have always been a huge part of my life and identity - from Geocities, to Neopets, Second Life, Myspace, Tumblr. These spaces influenced my current research on the internet as grounds to build or experiment with the self, to find a sense of belonging, and to cultivate an economy of knowledge.

I am specifically interested in cyberfeminism, augmented reality, embodiment, online identity, and digital aesthetics, with a strong emphasis on intersectionality. In working with these topics, I apply a range of philosophical and theoretical frameworks in my analyses to deconstruct and critique the politics of digital space, and the ways in which othered identities use these technologies to challenge hegemony. I am also a teaching assistant for the undergraduate writing for ATEC class.

Outside of my research interests, I also enjoy poetry, 90's electronic music, vintage fashion, reality television, and hanging out with my cat Louie.

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