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Kathryn Coleman is an artist, researcher and teacher in Melbourne Australia. Her work focuses on the integration of digital pedagogies and digital portfolios for sustained creative practice and assessment. She is a lecturer in Visual Arts and Design Teacher Secondary Education. Kate’s praxis includes taking aspects of her theoretical and practical work as a/r/tographer to consider how artists, artist-teachers and artist-students use site to create place in the digital and physical. Kate has experience in leading and facilitating design thinking workshops for curriculum design, creativity and developing innovative solutions in education. She has led a number of workshops and sessions with educators nationally and internationally on using Google Drive as a portfolio of participatory learning, open digital badges for recognition and warranting of learning evidence, digital portfolios for personalised learning, creativity and digital pedagogies for engagement, employability and inquiry based learning. To do this, she facilitates stakeholders to collaborate and participate through a design thinking framework for empathy, to ideate and test solutions to problems by and for the community. She is the current Art Education Victoria (AEV) Vice-President, on the Association of Authentic, Experiential and Evidence Based Learning (AAEEBL) Board of Directors and Creativity Series Editor for Common Ground Publishing. Twitter: @kateycoleman 

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