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Tero Karppi (MA) is a PhD Candidate in Media Studies, University of Turku, Finland. He is also a Doctoral Student in Elomedia – Doctoral Program of Cinema and Audiovisual Media, a national research project financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Previously Karppi has worked as a researcher in Game Research Laboratory, University of Tampere, Finland. Summer 2013 he is a Phd intern at Microsoft Research NE, Social Media Collective.

The tentative title of Karppi’s dissertation is 'Disconnect.me. User engagment & Facebook.' The study aims to understand how users are embedded in social media and network culture through algorithms, protocols and non-human actors. In addition, concepts such as user profiles, user participation and user experience are discussed in the context of digital economy. Hence one of the key themes is to explore how value is produced for users and from users. Adopting disconnection as a method these themes will be researched from angles that challenge and contradict the taken for granted ideas of ubiquitous internet and media life. Can we live without or outside social media?
Is it possible to leave social media? Why social media needs users?

The dissertation is supervised by Jukka Sihvonen and Jussi Parikka and it will be edited from a collection of published journal articles which use case based approaches. The first article of this project is titled “Digital Suicide and the Biopolitics of Leaving Facebook” and it was published in the issue 20 of Transformations Journal.
The dissertation is scheduled to be complete in early 2014.

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